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Moleculare Frontiers Intiative for researchers of future

Molecular Frontiers is a global effort to promote the understanding and appreciation of molecular science in society

THe initiative offers an arena for budding biologists and life science researchers of the future. Wish them all the best. Some of the interesting aspects are

Catalytic Forum

think tank to discuss and analyze current scientific developments with researchers from all over the world.


A web site where young people are invited to explore the realm of molecular science.


next generation literature awareness tool

Another science website that seems to be as taking its cues from web2.0 anthology.

Faculty of 1000 Biology is the next generation literature awareness tool. It is a revolutionary new online research service that will comprehensively and systematically highlight and review the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences, based on the recommendations of a faculty of well over 1000 selected leading researchers.

Faculty of 1000 Biology will be run by scientists for scientists, and will provide a rapidly updated consensus map of the important papers and trends across biology.

In the Faculty of 1000 Biology, the entire field of biology is divided into 16 Faculties (subjects), each of which will be run by two to four Heads of Faculty.

Each Faculty is subdivided into 3-12 Sections, each run by two or three Section Heads and comprising between 10 and 50 Faculty Members. Faculty of 1000 Biology aims to invite the best scientists internationally in each field and to involve both experienced and younger investigators.

All in all an excellent website with lots of information which is peer reviewed

Notes to a young computational biologist

Bosco Ho a Postdoctoral scholar writes an excellent post about Notes to a young computational biologist   .Bosco puts down his postdoc years of experience into facts  that are relevant to not only those just starting out in computational biology but for other experince people too

his post is published at

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