Does SaaS fit into the complex world of pharmaceuticals?

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SaaS and Healthcare Internet Business Models

SaaS is a great technical model that can save money, increase efficiency, scale-up fast etc etc. But is it a viable business methodology?. Does it make money for the owner who offer this service. according CEOs of many traditional software companies like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft SaaS doesn’t make money meaning big margins and huge profits. Even though all these companies do have their own SaaS applications and strategy in place.

Health care and Medical practice on the other hand is a different place. And that is what Ravi Sohal, CEO of thinks based on his own experience Healthcare Internet Business Models Don’t Scale that easily. And I think his argument is spot on
While I agree to his arguments there are many software suppliers that services only healthcare and medical markets for exmaple Pharmacy One source which claims to be Healthcare’s #1 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. And yes its true that most of all such successful companies fall into one catagory- software vendors allbeit slightly different to the traditional ones

3G Doctor

I am working on the topic (software as a service) SaaS applications in Medical and Healthcare field, so the next few months my focus there.

So this week I like to post about a service that allows you to video consult with General Medical Council registered Doctors using a 3G Video Mobile. When you register as a patient with 3G Doctor you can also use it to create, store and manage your Personal Health Record which can be referred to by your Doctor during video consultations. Yummy now that feels like the next google acqusition target.

Mediserve is another company that is now planning to came up with SaaS model of their applications.

And of course have to talk about Microsoft , even though I work for Oracle andicrosoft is competition.

Digipede is developing on microsofts .net plafrom to help anyone providing SaaS on the Microsoft platform. And they claim to have a bioinformatics company testing their application to develop bioinformatics application in SaaS model And it lok like that customer is The Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI) as a part of the Novartis Research Foundation, details of the case study on Digipede website

And yes I ahve written about  GeneBio earlier their claims to have PhenyxOnline as the first commercial platform in the proteomics field offered in a SaaS model    

Also came across this intersting post by Paweł Szczęsny.  Thinking about RaaS: Research-as-a-Service

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