Mayo Clinic using social media to reach out to potential patients

the news on Star Tribune and submitt your thoughts read at the linkedin answers  for bloggin in Medical Industry do and donts

Blogging and complying with FDA and other medical device regulations

Blogging and complying with FDA and other medical device regulations – how to safely generate a corporate blog for a medical device company?

Given that marketing communications for medical device companies are tightly regulated, I wonder how realistic it is for a medical device company to generate a blog. Would love to hear from anyone that has experience or a perspective.

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Oracle and Inforsense Integrating Clinical And Genomics Data for Personalized Medicine


The March-April 2009 issue of Bio-IT World features Dana-Farber Cancer Institute cover story on integrating clinical and genomics data including details on the organization’s work with Oracle and InforSense, as well as a byline article on platforms for personalized medicine by Neil de Crescenzo, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences.

Integrating Clinical and Genomics Data

The cover story of Bio-IT World highlights the groundbreaking work of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s (DFCI) John Quackenbush, professor of biostatistics and computational biology, who at the vanguard of translational medicine is bridging genomics, bioinformatics, and IT in an effort to shed light on cancer biology. With assists from Oracle and InforSense, Dana-Farber’s John Quackenbush is finding ways to mine vast patient data collections to better understand human cancer. “Our successful collaboration with Oracle and InforSense has put us in a position to think about reaching beyond DFCI and gradually pulling in a lot of Harvard’s multi-institutional spores and their data collections,” Quackenbush says.

To read the complete Bio-IT World cover story article on integrating clinical and genomics data, click here.

Platforms for Personalized Medicine
This article by Neil de Crescenzo, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences discusses personalized medicine and how integrating clinical information and R&D data can ensure success. Personalized medicine promises to improve understanding of the mechanisms of disease and permit more effective patient care. It also stands to transform the focus of the pharmaceutical industry as the cost of drug discovery exceeds $1 billion, and established blockbuster drugs lose patent protection. Although it holds great promise, realizing the benefits of personalized medicine presents significant challenges for life sciences companies, particularly surrounding the integration of research and clinical data – both within and between life sciences companies and healthcare organizations.
To read the complete Bio-IT World article on platforms for personalized medicine, click here.

Social Networking in Clinical Trial

Click It Forward is a clinical trials and awareness tool that allows users of MySpace and Facebook. It will allow a broader audience to know more about recruitment for clinical trials.
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