Oracle at DIA announces new initiatives

Oracle is certainly on a role, the company has not only released several new web2.0 platform based applications, and already embraced the new technology for its sales ,marketing, customer support and customer outreach programes.

The last week so the launch of the Official facebook and twitter accounts for the Oracle Global Healthscience Business. Today Oracle has announced a slew of new intiatives for its partners, that take advantge of web2.0 to provide training and support.

Oracle twitter at @OracleHealthSci and  newly published Oracle Health Sciences fan page on Facebook. I have to admit despite that fact that I started blogging almost 6 years ago, I still do not have a facebook account. Now I have the best reason to create one.- with a smile , I am sure this time I have the support of my Oragnization to put it to good use.

 At DIA today among other announcements oracle has made is the decision to Focuses on Health Sciences Partner Enablement, Growth, and Accreditation.

At the heart of this new initiatives will be the Oracle Health Sciences Knowledge Zone  for partners and customers to connect with peers, participate in a variety of Web 2.0 networks, and engage in opportunities within Oracle’s healthcare and life sciences ecosystem.


Join the Oracle Health Sciences for Partners Group on Oracle Mix

Blackberry and Clinical Research

I might better write an article about selecting the best wine or a travelogue. Because whats so common between the two, they are more like chalk and cheese was thy impression. But Blackberry has a whole page dedicated to pharmaceutical industry on their website. Thinking of which it makes sense to use blackberry than iphone to ensure the security of trial data. Am sure those already supporting iphone would like to disagree. But as long as they have a dedicated page to this industry I am going to be convinced that they are more confidant and commited.

details on BB website


The current economic crisis has only exacerbated an already worrisome situation in the life sciences industry. The industry has already been undergoing reformation to cut costs and improve long-term sustainability for nearly a decade. To help understand the impact on IT, Health Industry Insights, an IDC company, recently conducted a study to identify the most successful software vendors serving the life science market. The top 10 companies, based on enterprise life science software revenue, have been identified and are discussed in a new research document.


Health Industry Insights research reveals that the top 10 life science software vendor list includes both enterprise and specialty vendors. Oracle easily topped the chart in life science revenues, with SAP coming in second. While internal estimates show that Oracle and SAP were virtually tied five years ago, Oracle’s aggressive acquisition strategy has clearly paid big dividends that have helped to drive its success in the life science industry.

To read the complete press release, click here.

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