Microsoft Rebrands its Healthcare Software and Introduces it to European Markets

Microsoft is now offering its Amalga health-care software in Europe.  now Known as Microsoft Amalga has many components, from PACS solutions, Managing patient care records to tracking research projects and finance department tasks.

Microsoft Amalga  was previously known as Azyxxi which was acquired from General Datomics and  MedStar Health in 2006. This was positioned as a health intelligence Software.

But the New Amalga is more powerful and it bring the synergies of various microsoft acquisitions. It now Has a Hospital Information System (HIS) earlier known as Hospital 2000 “hospital information system for developing and emerging markets acquired from the  Thai developer Global Care Solutions (GCS) in 2007.

Amalga also boast of a Microsoft Amalga RIS/PACS earlier  known as GCS Amalga.

Amalga is being used by eight hospitals in MedStar Health’s network, which covers the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore areas, as well as Johns Hopkins Hospital, among others.

Entire Genome Sequencing from Single Molecule DNA

Cambridge based Helicos Bioscience announced the publication of a report in Science Magazine demonstrating the first single molecule sequencing of an organism (M13 virus genome) examining more than 280,000 strands of captured DNA.

Helicos’ uses a proprietary form of sequencing-by-synthesis called True Single Molecule Sequencing(tSMS)™. Unlike other methods, the technique builds up the sequence of each strand of DNA one base at a time.

Microarray Blog is on The Science Advisory Board

After a brief hiatus am back to work, Microarray blog is chugging along slowly though I get very less time now a days to write , I have no plans to stop the blog. But reaching out to more people is an issue If I cant post atleast once a week.

Still I am going to take the challenge of writing another blog this time on the The Science Advisory Board website for microarray. Am happy the folks at SAB are using wordpress platform, so no hickups there.

I am going to maintain both the blogs for a while and perhaps spend more time on this blog on other subjects that I am interested in bioinformatics other than microarary such as Pharmacogenomics, Clinical genomics, SaaS in bioinformatics, Opensource and Adoption of technology among biologists to name few.

The new post in microarray is available at

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