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  1. I would like to join the DNA network. I already have a FeedBurner account. If possible tell me how to join.


  2. Just found your blog. Very nice; I’m making it one of my home pages. Sorry our website isn’t up yet, but you might like to give it a look in a couple of weeks. We are building a microarray technology that uses an electron microscope instead of a light microscope. The difference is that with sub-nanometer resolution, we can individually count cDNA’s without amplifying them or relying on florescence. Ought to be able to do single-cell, single-molecule assays. And the principle technologies are already mature. Should be fun if it works.


    Wm Glover
    ZS Genetics

  3. hi
    i am a postgraduate student doing my masters in oral pathology. recently i came across this novel technology of microarray. i would like to know the basics of this technology and also its various application in cancer research and in forinsics.

  4. I ma trying to find an “expert” to interpret or translate the gene data that I have recieved from AFFYMATRIx microarray of a breast tumor tissue when compared for AMPLIFICATION to normal tissue from the patient’s breast. I am looking for a pattern of inter connectivity of the genes that are over expressed or under expressed to determine the optimum personalized therapy.

    I also have data on the over expression of proteins from a 2DE separation and MALTOF mass spectro to see if the genes did in fact over express proteins. Although there were 20 over expressed proteins, most did not tie into the over expressed genes.

    PleaSE E-MAIL any one who does this for a living that has experience in bioinfomatics and molecular biology. They should be a post doctorate but do not need to be a clinician. Oncologists are of no help in this area.

    thanks you,


  5. Nature’s architecture is built on fractals. Grid computing is slow—try a double interfaced electronic/photonic hyperfractal–it’s much easier

  6. Hi Peter,

    I’m experienced in analyzing microarray data, including Affymetrix data. If you’re still looking for an expert, you can find them at genusbiosystems.com


  7. hello sir,
    i am a post graduate student of biotechnology [hislop college, nagpur university]. i would like to join your work as my dissertation project- part of our curriculum fourth semester.

    ruchi bhate

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