Research on plants to produce pharmaceutical drugs

I have got too lazy after I started using twitter. So instead of posting  news story in my blog I just updated my twitter @clinicalsearch about  Dr Josh Mylne from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) at University of Queensland receiving research fund to support research on plants to produce pharmaceutical drugs

My first thoughts about the news was,  there is already a science called Ayurveda that uses the plants themselves. But of course that’s ancient science and does not offer huge commerical potential and yes, where is the green cover to create enough medicinal plants.

Surprisingly FDA and USDA has an ongoing work to produce draft guidance for industry in the production and use of pharmaceutical producing plants.

Not Surprisingly there is an article that dates back to 2004, requesting for a ban on Plant-based Transgenic Pharmaceuticals refered at the time as pharm crops.

But today the idea is gaining momentum again, in Feb 2009 SmartCell, an EU-funded project, has been awarded EUR 6 million to develop tools to synthesise valuable pharmaceutical products using plant cells.

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