Twittering Clinical Trials!

Healthcare IT start-up TrialX has launched an application that allows the 4 million to 6 million (and growing) Twitter users to find clinical trials. Users can query (tweet) TrialX using the keywords .

In about a minute, says TrialX, you’ll receive a reply tweet with a tinyurl link to the TrialX page containing matching trials.

So not to let go off my information junkie attitude and eagerness to learn new  things. I also started my own twitter at I have also started following the twitters from Jae Chung of GoBalto he is very active in Linkedin where I found him firsty. And also twitter of Patient Recruitment Company MediciGlobal and ClinicalTrialApp twitter from iPhoneClinial Trials

I agree twiiter application are helpful in AERS reporting along with other tools . I love see how they can add value as standalone tools

Mayo Clinic using social media to reach out to potential patients

the news on Star Tribune and submitt your thoughts read at the linkedin answers  for bloggin in Medical Industry do and donts

Blogging and complying with FDA and other medical device regulations

Blogging and complying with FDA and other medical device regulations – how to safely generate a corporate blog for a medical device company?

Given that marketing communications for medical device companies are tightly regulated, I wonder how realistic it is for a medical device company to generate a blog. Would love to hear from anyone that has experience or a perspective.

My answers are on Linkedin

Does Firefox 3 have better memmory usage compared to Opera 9.5- !

Since its record setting release day a lot has been written about Firfox3. And many said it has better memmory usage. Firefox 3 engineer Pavlov says Fiefox 3 has better memmory utilization, and I have looked at every blog and website that talked about how Fiefox 3 is better is terms of memmory use.

So I am surprised to see that in my office PC( IBM, Machine with Pentium 4 and 1GB RAM, WinXP)  opening google home page using an ultra high speed Corporate internet connection in opera 9.5 and Firefox 3.  Firefox raking in more memmory compared to Opera. I’m a big fan of Firefox because it’s so easy to customize, and have been using it for many years. and use it even in the office despite most of our internal applications not working on it, ofcourse I use a lot customizations.

Some How the final release uses more memmory compared to Opera and freezes more often while opening more than 10 or pages. Ofcourse I was not using any extensions while testing Firefox 3 vs Opera9.5

And acording to CNET also opera takes less memmory compared to Firefox 3

Semantic Search Engine for PubMed- Microsoft Vs Yahoo Vs Google Vs Oracle in Semantic Web Search

Hakia is a semantic web search engine, so what you might think. The difference is hakia targets legal, financial and Medical web searches. Thye have even licensed its technology to a startup company that summarized information for government and pharmaceutical companies

There is more starting from April 2008 using Hakia you can search Pubmed. Adding more than 10 million abstracts from PubMed to their index and setting up a new site dedicated to searching this content at The PubMed content will also be visible in search results on the hakia medical search site and via the main hakia search page

For exmaple my query of microarray software Pubmed returned 1646 results and Hakia 15 some times having too much is not good idea, especially when you are looking for specific text.

It doesnt even stop there, the result also showed me Meet Others who asked same query in PubMed Semantic search with the option to even add a post so I found a job for part-time employee to work in a microarray lab. This I think is a great tool especially if more people use it you can use the feature to locate people working on similar topic. Ofcourse you can any of the much known social tools like Linkedin

Still not convinced of the merits take a look at the comparison of the search results on new regulatory problems affecting personal genomics companies, in google and Hakia

You can also generate a custom seach box that can be added to your website much like the custom google search box .

and yes there is competition to Powerset has launched its

May be because Yahoo is already offering Semantic webs earch using

But there is more than what meets the eye. Remember Interestingly in 2007 June Oracle staked its claim to leadership in the enterprise side of the emerging semantic Web space, saying that more than 100 commercial and open-source applications are using its version of the technology. Oracle do offer search called Oracle Secure Enterprise Search. Take a look at the Oracle Semantic Technology Centre

Microsoft can also say to be making up for the loss of TripleHop to Oracle,

There is still more surprises a Paul Allen backed semantic search engine has launched a Beta release in June 24.

Other similar service providers includes TextDigger, Radar Networks that offers semantic technology in advertising, Twine, then there is Spock calling itself a vertical search engine for people, usign top-down semantic search. In that sense we can call Google Maps to be using semantic technology though it cant be called a thorough breed in this field

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