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Taking the Pulse® U.S. — Physicians and Emerging Information Technologies, is a syndicated multi-client physician research study and advisory service focused on understanding technology adoption and integration trends among U.S. practicing physicians. Now in its seventh year, the primary objective of the research study is to track which technologies physicians have adopted, how they are currently using them, and how they plan to use them in the future.

Taking the Pulse® v8.0 was fielded in Q1 2008 among 1,832 practicing U.S. physicians. Covering subjects that ranges from

  • General Access and Technology Profile: Practice technology profile, frequency of Internet use, frequency of professional activities online
  • Online and Offline Professional Information Sources: Online and offline information sources used, including textbooks, journals, CME, reps, search engines, sites visited, conditions researched
  • Detailing and Pharma Services: eDetailing participation and future interest, use and interest in full-service portals, product and corporate site visitation, rep technology usage
  • Web 2.0 Technologies: Awareness and use of streaming video, blogs, podcasting and social networking, including use of sites such as Sermo
  • Email Use and Opportunity: Email newsletters, email with patients, colleagues, and pharmaceutical, biotech or device companies
  • Patient Interaction and Education: Patients bringing information into office, sites recommended to patients, types of patient education sources of interest
  • Digital Health Infrastructure: ePrescribing, EMR, Practice Management, Speed of Access
  • Mobile Technology Profile: PDA, Mobile Phone, Internet, Mobile Integration, iPods, MP3 players and tablet PCs

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Medicine OnDemand

Move over the TeleMedicine and the usual chutzpah, Yesd Web2.0 is a bubble thats going to burst, but in healthcare field strangled by Insurannce companies, web2.0 is giving a whiff of relief to some people atleast , How!

 WebMD ,MayoClinic ,eMedTV are few site that offers to help you through videos, blogs and other channels

Officials at the Department of Health and Human Services have linked the Health records to the WebMD site, With companies like google and Microsoft coming into the same field it might bring some changes in the way we see medicla treatment in the next 5-10 years, that after the inital euphoria subsides and companies starts to build comercially viable services.

Science and Genetics -The Hollywood Connection


I thought of actually righting about presence of genetics genomics and biology in Hollywood and popular entertainment and books, here is a collection of blogs and websites on the topic

Prestigious journal makes science sexy again- Scientific American

Science of TV impure but CoolExpert Voice Tv science

Best science fiction Movies – Gadget Maniac

Hollywood on HereditoryThe scientist  

Genetics in BigscreenScience Fiction Biology

Genetics in Movies – GxP genetics Expression

Super Heroes  Watch Mojo

Genetics and culture – Wagner Institute

Genetics Silver screen –USATODAY

Holyywodd frightend of genetics- End of Universe

Genetics art and culture –Centre for Genomics and Society

How Hollywood Vilifies A People –Daily Sun


The Island of Dr. Moreau

Reversing Darwin’s Theory
Murders in the Rue Morgue

28 Days Later   

She Demons


JK Jackson, “Mothering the monsters,” The Scientist, September 1, 2006.


Life Without Soul                                       





Science on TV: Impure But Cool

 Whether You lik real science or Hollywood science scientists are latest it thing on silver screen. with glammer or not they make it interesting for a many people, wel ofcourse not without mistakes. We al have seen atleast one episode of 24, ER, and so on so on.

Scientist has an article on Holyywoods take on genetics and genomics

Fisher is director of the crime laboratory for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and a national spokesman for forensic scientists. He makes his comment in a new Expert Voices blog called Science on TV. The blog is about a recent explosion of entertainment programs with scientists in starring roles, the effect these programs are having on students, and the ambivalent feelings that real scientists sometimes have about being portrayed by sexy actors. 

Science on TV

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