Indian Government’s new dose of strong medicine to bring cheers to Foreign Pharma CEOs who cut their teeth by struggling to convince Indian pharma to change sales practices

Good news for all Foreign CEOs of Global Pharma’s who left India after learning that, in India drug sales are driven by Freebies, and no one would listen to their advice to mend sales practices and unethical marketing practices.

Indian Government issues a strong dose of medicine . The new norms to hold pharma MDs, CEOs responsible for offering freebies to doc.

Under new guidelines drug firms will be barred from offering freebies to doctors — free travel tickets, hotel stay, gifts and hospitality, and the like. If any drug firm is found violating these guidelines, the responsibility would lie squarely with the MD and CEO of the respective company.

Further, the drug firms concerned may be prohibited from using brand names of competitive products in their promotional activities trying to claim superiority for its products.

The new guidelines would also prohibit drug firms to get doctors to endorse their products both online and offline


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