Oracle acquire cloud based clinical operations and analytics vendor ClearTrial

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On March 29, 2012, Oracle announced that it has agreed to acquire ClearTrial, a leading provider of cloud-based Clinical Trial Operations and analytics products that make the planning, sourcing, and tracking of clinical projects and financial performance…


Can “Clinical Data Integration on the Cloud” be a reality?


The story I am about to tell is almost 8 years old. I was managing software services delivery for a global pharmaceutical company from India. This was a very strategic account and the breadth of services covered diverse systems and geographies. It is very common that staff from the customer organization visit our delivery centers (offsite locations) to perform process audits, governance reviews and to meet people in their extended organizations.

During one such visit a senior executive noticed that two of my colleagues, sitting next to each other, supported their system (two different implementations of the same software) across two different geographies. They happened to have the name of the systems they support, pinned to a board at their desks. The executive wanted us to take a picture of the two cubicles and email to him. We were quite surprised at the request. Before moving on to speak to other people he asked a couple of questions and realized the guys were sharing each other’s experiences and leveraging the lessons learnt from one deployment for the other geography.  It turned out that this does not happen in their organization, in fact their internal teams hardly communicate as they are part of different business units and geographies

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Predictive Analytics for Patient Adherence

The New Medicine Service (NMS) offered by Engalnd’s  NHS community pharmacies came into effect since 1st October 2011. NMS is a patient adherene service and focuses on patients with long term conditions that have been prescribed new medicines.

It is hoped that NMS will lead to the following outcomes:

  • improve medicines adherence
  • increase patient engagement with their condition and medicines, which will support them in making decisions about their treatment and self management
  • reduce medicines wastage
  • reduce hospital admissions due to adverse events associated with medicines
  • increase reporting of medicine adverse reactions by pharmacists and patients
  • positive patient assessments
  • provide evidence base on the effectiveness of the service
  • enable the development of outcome and/or quality measures for community pharmacy

But the Service since launch has seen severe criticism from pharmacists’ over several issues, especially how the pharmacist is re-imbursed for the providing the service which also involved patient counselling.

The answer perhaps can be found by applying predictive analytics to identify patients who are more likely to deviate or other likely to exhibit non-compliance in adhering to the prescription.

Express Scripts has developed a set of proprietary computer models that predict, up to a year in advance, which patients are at risk of not following through on their prescribed drug therapy. details

FICO an analytics service provider also provides medication adherence ranking based on predictive analytics details

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