India announce Heart Surgery for $1000 USD

Launched by British Prime Minister David Cameron on 28 July 2010 in Bangalore, India, Dishaa is an initiative that will expand, enrich and energise relations between India and the UK.

Dishaa means direction in India’s national language Hindi. And that what the it is aiming for direction for for future leaders from India and UK

Dishaa has announced the new challenge for the millenia will be

Heart surgery at $1,000 (USD) – what has to change in how society operates and innovates to make this a reality?

Dr Devi Shetty of  Narayana Hrudayalaya a large hospital group specializing in Cardiac Surgery from Bangalore, India says  it is on the way to become a reality

And he is going ahead with the plan to open India’s first low-cost hospital for caridac surgery will be up and running in Mysore  by early next year, to offer Cardiac Surgery at $1500 USD against the current cost of  $5000 USD in India

These state-of-the art hospitals will be built at a cost of  just $ 35 Million USD, about one-fifth the cost of constructing a 300-bed super-speciality hospital in India.  By 2012 Dr. Shetty plan to open 50 more such hospitals in India. the next are coming up in Siliguri (West Bengal) and Bhubaneswar (Orissa) with help from  The Union health ministry of India

Details on Dishaa page$1,000-(usd)-for-heart-surgery

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