Indian Goverment’s Department of Science and Technology launches enhanced clinical research units in colleges

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) will set up enhanced clinical research units in select colleges across India ,

Delivering the valedictory address at the International Conference on Radiation Biology hosted by Sri Ramachandra University, DST Secretary  T. Ramasami said the idea behind the joint inter-agency initiative that also involved the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Department of Biotechnology would upgrade facilities at about a dozen colleges in which medical research is already being pursued.

The DST Secretary  T. Ramasami pointed out that there were only 1.40 lakh scientists engaged in full-time research in a country that had a legacy of Ayurveda, yoga, astronomy and astrophysics.

S. P. Thyagarajan, Pro-Chancellor, SRU, said the Memorandum of Understanding between SRU and the Sylvester Cancer Center, Miami, U.S., that was one of the outcomes of the conference, envisaged collaboration in education, training, research and exchange of faculty and students.



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