Can we use the new Intel Product that Captures, Printed Text to Digital Text and then Reads Text- in clinical trials

Intel Corp.’s Digital Health Group has introduced a handheld product to convert printed text to digital text, then read it aloud to the user.

The Intel Reader is designed for persons with dyslexia, other learning disabilities or impaired vision, according to the Santa Clara, Calif.-based vendor. The reader includes a high-resolution camera to point and shoot text, and a processor to convert and read the text.

The reader can be used with a Portable Capture Station that eases capturing large amounts of data from a chapter or entire book. More information is available at

Boy this is much better than Kindle or Google Reader.  I had a completely different thought while reading about the product. If it was cheaper Clinical Research companies in Developing countries can use it in paper trials.

Ofcourse it is not designed with that purpose. The idea started with Ben Foss, director of access technology for Intel, who was identified with dyslexia in elementary school.


The Intel Reader is easy to use. Just point, shoot, and listen to quickly access printed text such as schoolwork, work material, or menus on the spot. The Intel Reader does not require sight to operate. Easy-to-locate buttons, audio and visual navigation, and straightforward menus make it easy to locate the functions you need. For people with low vision, the large screen display can zoom in and out and text size can easily be adjusted.

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