Biology of Cloud Computing

The world summit on Cloud Computing is on December 1-2/2008. Surprisingly Bioinformatics is mentioned only once . And only by cycle computing a company offering grid computing solutions. That apart there is no talk about lifescience space. Ofcourse cloud computing is buzz word for now, and will remain so for some time. It might event meet the same fate of bioinformatics industry has faced in initial years. But this time around there are amny Enterprise companies backing the concept, catiously though. From Amazon, Microsoft, Google, to Sun

But according to according to research firm IDC the current economic crisis in the US may save IT companies that invest in cloud computing, as it will contribute to significant growth in that sector over the next five years.

ofcourse there are concerns around data privacy and data security But  Companies like Millenium Pharma re investing in technology provided by companies like WorkDay (SaaS HR started by former Peoplesoft founder). Earlier this year google announded that Genentech would use Google Apps

While Cloud computing for scientist stil have wait, unless you are working in CERN or other research centre on high computing projects, after all they invented Grid Computing or atleast made the fiest steps


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  1. Dear Paul,

    Cloud computing is an infrastructure of services that can serve any application including Bioinformatics applications. In IGT2008 you can learn how to take advantage of cloud computing, to reduce the costs of Bioinformatics applications. Today there are several Grid Computing platforms that support Cloud infrastructures (IaaS) like CycleComputing and GridGain that run on Amazon EC2, and SUN with SUN Grid engine. Also you can port your Bioinformatics applications to several PaaS like Google App engine, Salesforce, and Microsoft Azure.

    I hope to see you at the event.

    Best Regards,
    Avner Algom
    IGT2008 – The World Summit of Cloud Computing

  2. You guys should not give up. You will have better luck next time.

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