Pepsi selling Food containing Genetically Modified Products

Tests commissioned by Greenpeace, shown that Pepsico’s Doritos Corn Chips contains Genetically Modified Mon 863 and NK 603 variety corn ingredients.

Both Mon 863 and NK 603 are Monsanto’s genetically modified corn varieties. Mon 863 has a bacterial gene to give pest tolerance, while NK 603 has a bacterial gene for herbicide tolerance. An Independent analysis last year, done by the Committee for Independent Research and Information On Genetic Engineering and French National Committee For Risk Assessment of GMOs had concluded that both Mon 863 and NK 603 pose serious health impacts.

The find comes from India by Greenpeas after  an independent laboratory in germany conducted Tests on products picked up randomly from a supermarket in New Delhi.

Under existing Indian laws this is illegal practice. Every importer is required to label the products containing any GM content as well as get prior approval from the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee which falls under the environment ministry.

Surprisingly in 2007 United Arba Emirates have confirmed that 40% of the food in the UAE is genetically modified yet is sold to the end users without proper labelling.

While in Europe if an item contains more than 0.9 per cent of GMOs it is required to carry a label.

Its growing concern among many developing countries that import products from US where Monsanto dominates the food chain with its GM seeds. And it is going to create more controversy as Monsanto has aggressive plans in milk production. It already has a product on Bovine somatotropin a natural protein produced in the pituitary glands of all cattle which helps adult cows to produce milk. Monsanto’s version of Bovine somatotropin is a leading dairy animal health product in the United States and many other countries.

6 Responses

  1. Is this information really reliable? We can trust thar Pepsi uses genetically modifies products?

  2. the buddhas say they will all be gone soon not to worry to much, stay on the task at hand peace!!

    this has been seen completed all ready hold your gound..they will not come to be.

  3. Who cares if it’s genetically modified? The question is whether it has deleterious effects to organisms eating it or pollinating it. As far as I’m aware, that hasn’t been shown, so why all the hysteria?

  4. I have heard that the information is reliable. Soya, maize, cottonseed and canola ingredients are ones to watch out for, as those are currently GM crops. They are thinking of genetically modifying rice too. We do not know what the long term effects are of altering DNA. I heard that even chickens are now being genetically modified so that they lose their ‘brooding’ instinct so they don’t sit on their eggs. Is what we are doing morally correct? If a unicellular organism such as a planaria, can absorb memory from planaria fed to it; what effects will eating DNA that has been changed, have on us? No one knows. And the biotechnology companies are playing a dangerous game and getting very rich at our expense (sorry, i forgot – they are ‘saving the world’).

  5. The GMO fears are primarily a first-world concern. Ask a starving child whether he cares if his grain is genetically modified.

    • Mr. Gunn:
      As a starving child if the cancer causing agents in the food you put before him/her is important. Ask the millions of american children if they care how dangerous cotton candy…pure sugar and dyes are. Look out how ill the human race is and how sick we are making our precious living planet and her creatures besides humans. You may not die eating a cotton candy (I did as a child but rarely.) nor a dollop of white flour dough fried in oft times rancid grease…but this does nothing for a thriving body. The immune system is miraculous but the onslaught of poisons, toxins, dangerous metals, etc. through air, water, etc. is oft times too much and illness and more results.

      FOOD is for nourishing FIRST and foremost…not entertainment. I’m Mediterrannean descent and I need for my food to taste good…but I will eat the root of a Queen Anne’s lace plant (wild carrot) though it may not be as tasty as the cultivated variety if the situation warrants it.

      Giving hungry people non-nourishing ” foods” in my opinion is abusive and non productive and leads to illness and less independence.

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