Is bioinformatics still a viable career choice or a business model?

If you are on linkedin take a look at the question posted by Jake Chen, Founding Director at Indiana Center for Systems Biology and Personalized Medicine.

One area where bioinformatics havn’t experimented a lot is probably adopting SaaS (software as a service) methodology for growth. Software being developed for scientists is still not that user-friendly. Bioinformatics have evolved; but has it been hijacked by engineers?.

Though bioinformatics companies have lost the sheen, the growing need for data analysis is unmistakable , with more large genome projects being announced everyday.

1996-2002 was a period when bioinformatics was the darling of budding entrepreneurs and scientists the world over. Depending on your point of view the industry is now either passé or futuristic. The only ones that made money were the equipment companies and the those making reagents. Propelling the acquisitions phase that is still going on, transforming most of the erstwhile famous names from pure play bioinformatics to drug discovery/development services companies.

The future is there as a CEO puts it “We’re just at the tip of the iceberg of addressing the real problem — helping scientists understand how to use software to make a discovery,”

surprisingly given below is a quote I found in the website of the Stanford University Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine , for the class on introduction to bioinformatics for fall-quarter 2007. here is the actual link . I hope am not going to be denied an admission there for posting this. But I agree with it completely, and its time for the industry to take note

“There are a wide variety of companies trying to commercialize bioinformatics. Some of these businesses have been around for many years, but a lot of them are just jumping in with nothing but hype to sell, trying and gain some market share and position themselves as “leaders” in the new area of genomics, hoping to become profitable or get bought out before the venture capital funds dry up”.

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