personalized, safety alerts about your medication

A service launched by quintiles claims to be one of the first to provide post launch drug safety information about drugs directly to any one who is using them.  iGuard is a web-based services that will help you take medication safety without the help of  healthcare professionals.

You can register on the site for free and record all the drugs you are using, along with  general health profile. When the FDA issues advisories and other safety notices for some 20,000 different marketed drugs, or when new research emerges about drugs or drug interactions that may affect them, iGuard members taking those drugs will get an e-mail alert.

The warning system uses a scale of 1 to 5 and is color-coded in a way that was inspired by the U.S. government’s homeland security alerts.

t’s impossible to gauge how many drugs will be given a “1,” which means suitable for widespread use, or a “5,” which iGuard says should be more carefully considered. Lipitor, for the record, gets a “2” rating from iGuard.


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  1. Checked out the iGuard website and registered. Easy site to navigate and registration was a breeze. I immediately received feedback on the medications I am taking. One of the meds was a 4 (orange rating). Will speak to my doctor about this one.

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