free web-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management) System and ELN for Science Research

Your Lab Data is a free web-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), aimed at a typical small molecular biology laboratory. It allows users to manage their chemicals, fridges, freezers, boxes, strains, plasmids or glycerol’s, oligos / primers and much more.


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  1. awesome website! I really lke the oligo management and the lab group communication system!

  2. […] the Microarray Blog, Albin Paul highlighted a new, free online laboratory management (LIMS) system at […]

  3. Wow I like this site!

    For those afraid of computers or so attached to pen and paper they can’t change to an all electronic lab notebook, there is a review on a magic pen that gives you the Onenote benefits (organization, searchability,…) while still letting you doodle away with paper and pen.

  4. Looks great.. Should look into the LMS and LIMS which have been developed by Suncom Infotech.. The features & functionality of the LMS towards oncology, HIV and many others has been so well presented and the working for doctors, sales, admin and operations is great.

    the system also gives you custom reports based on your needs and wants, with a dashboard for the management to view what they want and by selecting tabs of their preferences.

    I think their system has been further custom developed for oncquest laboratories in India, where they are using the solution nationwide.

  5. Thats an all round incredibly written article!!

  6. An all around amazingly written piece!!

  7. That was a really amazing article!

  8. Nice LIMS, do you have any online client and labs management system as well?

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