Pharmacogenomics has started

IT been a long time since my last post, So I thought of catching up with other blogger before going to do anything myslef. So here is what got my attention from Alla Katsnelson blog on the scientist magazine  that  USFDA approved updated labeling for the widely used blood-thinning drug, Coumadin, to explain that people’s genetic makeup may influence how they respond to the drug.

so whats going to be good for common man, the next time (not very soon) you are going to be under treatment of a controversial drug you might get to know how your genetics makeup can affect the treatment, thats going to be a good relief especially cancer patients and those who undergo HRT

while Frost&Sullivan reports in its latest industry update that  genomics platforms that are too inefficient and expensive for ultra-high throughput comprehensive genome-wide analysis are hindering the realization of personal genomics.

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  1. By last seven years I’m doing research on clinical Pharmacogenomics, focusing mainly on modifying the current clinical research design – right from patient recruitment criteria to diagnosis, the allied symptoms of diseases and the line of treatment and in background tend to evaluate the retrospective trial which I carry simultaneously.
    The resent hurdles and delay in the Px drug are due to following the existing format of CR, so need to look from a different facet.
    There will be great benefit with the development of Px drug to human society as its application is in prevetive medicine also.
    Dr. Shirish Shrivastava
    M.D. Internal Medicine [Ayurveda]
    “Medicine is an ever evolving discipline”

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