Gone in 60seconds-

Personalized Medicine in 60 Seconds

Bioinformatics was a BOOM its was predicted to be next big thing, yet the industry which had hundereds of fragmented mom and pop kind small companies are now under mergers and acquisitions, Does everyone got their money back.

Bioinformatics is yet to become the big Billion billion Dollar, and on the door step the next big thing is ready for its journey

Personalized Medicine in 60 Seconds is the article published in Wired magazine


3 Responses

  1. I believe the biggest problem with bioinformatics was thinking that it could be an industry. That’s like saying there is a computational chemistry industry. I remember the heady days of the late nineties, early part of the century well. Informatics can still be the backbone of a companies business, but you’re a software company or a services company, no longer a bioinformatics company.

    And anyone who says medicine is going to be done at an individual level in the next decade (there might be very few specific examples, but as a general case) is not telling the truth.

  2. Deepak,
    I am afraid I must disagree respectfully. There are several examples of personalized medicine today. Whether it is herceptin, gleevec, cytogenetic analysis in blood cancers, TPMT genotyping, I could go on here. If there is any doubt what is coming take a look at http://www.warfarindosing.com or .org
    I personally am heavily involved in this field. Any one who says that this is greater than 10 years away is either not trained in genetics or not following the literature that well. We open in August and Will Be Practicing Personalized Medicine. http://www.helixhealth.org
    I think August is quicker than 10 years…..

  3. Steven

    I hope you are correct. I am a believer in personalized medicine. Like you, this is an area that I’ve been somewhat involved in, albeit more as a tools provider. ` I would like to add that when I say personalized, I mean truly at an individual level. Most of the tests you mentioned are still developed at a group level. In other words, our understanding of individual biology, with a few exceptions (warfarin being one) is still limited (I also believe that genetics only tells us so much and until we have a better understanding of epigenetics, the proteome and metabolite behavior, we are still limited). Will it improve in the next 5-6 years? I am sure it will, but in terms of true individualized treatment regimens, etc becoming available over the next decade, I think we will see the beginnings through efforts like yours and companies like 23andme, but there are many other factors involved. The pharma industry is a long way away. Systems level biology is still in its infancy, and the regulatory rules are not quite decided. Even genomic trial submissions are only voluntary and won’t become mandatory for a while.

    Now the fun part. Really excited to see the kind of stuff you are going to do. Will be following intently.

    Now this calls for a blog post 🙂

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