Origami, Art, illustrations, Paintings- Art in science-Yup studying genetics is fun

I have written about the company DNA11 who makes graphic arts and illustration from your DNA fingerprinting. As more reseacrh papers are getting published in genetics fields there will be more useful commerical products in the market for healthcare and clinical application

But its good to see if some of these ventures can catch and attract the interest of youngsters especially at a stage when US and European governmnets lament about the lack of interests among students to opt for science subjects and research

here is a lists of few such stratups that offer DNA art and promises to put some fun in DNA research and my favourite among them DNA ARt.


web2DNA convert your website to DNA art

DNA origami Ker Than has written a blog on DNA origami . Dont writ it off as just fun the caltech researchers plans to use the technology to build faster computers. Paul Rothemund talkes about a method of creating nanoscale shapes and patterns using DNA termed as scaffolded DNA origami” so you can make nano copies of smilies or the world using DNA

DNA Artistry offers a similar service to DNA11 offering portratis and personalizeda rt with your DNA

DNA portrait offers DNA portrait art collage

Genome Quilt encoding genetic information in quilt designs


Microarray Art by ReLman Lab at stanford Relman Lab microarray art


My favourite was DNA ArT offering dnaCode, your personal code will be lasered into a solid, high quality, clear crystal block and the DNA aRT your DNa as a painting in  9 colors


DNa code







4 Responses

  1. How cool! There are a few I haven’t seen before. I can think of someone who’d like that block of lasered crystal! Very kitsch.

  2. DO NUT BUY FROM DNA ARTISTRY!!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!! We tried to buy a kit and they never sent it. It was suppposed to be a present for my birthday from my girlfriend. She ordered it and it never came. On the phone the kit was always “on the way.” Their payment structure leaves no recourse other than court and they are sure that no one wants to go to court over less than 300 bucks for a DNA kit. We nicely tried to get our money back and they will not return our phone calls. Paypal payment structure leaves no other recourse than court. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  3. DNAlux is a new player in the game with new options: they propose to give you your purified DNA, customize your artworks and deliver you a final product, printed and framed. http://www.dnalux.com

  4. This is quite a hot information. I’ll share it on Twitter.

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