i-Kode to take control of your scientific mail and email.

 Practicallly I use the Foward feature of GMAIL to send my mails to the my corporate email address this I can make sure that no has my Id but also When I leave the company I still get to have acess to all the newsletters i received and I can even forward it to the new email address if need to

but I still thought or writing about www.i-kode.com as its a new service and has a lot features too and obviosly its freee and you can even win price too, UMM sound too good ha

you can select from a list available scientific newsletters and search for new one or add your own new

The i-kode.com™ service lets you take control of your scientific mail and emails journals and online magazines in one place.

    Get the mail you want

  • Don’t get the mail you don’t want
  • Add yourself to mail lists
  • Remove yourself from mail lists
  • Find Vendors of key products and services
  • Manage your contact with Academic Societies and Journals
  • When you move, update them all in less than a minute

You can read an article about i-kode.com and see what other scientists think of our service here or you can read our latest press release.

Latest! Online File Storage and Spam-free Secure Email Inbox.

You can store files online in your own secure Document Store or receive Spam-free Email without interference from spam filters.

And ofcourse Rewards when you refer colleagues

Read an article on OBBEC magazine http://www.obbec.com/lscbio/


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