Microarrays for Mutation detection and Vaccine development

One of the usage for microarrays could be to study how mutation works in microbes. The work might be helpful in unearthing more details about how bacteria acheive drug resistance. One of the current method is to subject the bacteria to stress (tempareature, drug and other environements) under varying conditions untill it shows resistance to a paticular drug. It has proved that the varying concentrations of drug can trigger different mechanisms of resistance to same drug. So analysing the genome of the bacteria may be a betterr option. perhaps an easier approach is to use Oligonucleotide arrays and bororow and approach from barcode arrays, but instead of substituting regions with a barcode it may be possible to use bioinformatics to come up possible logical mutations. The introductionof biosimilars in vaccine development will benefit from using microarrays.


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